Home of T-fal's amazing range of pots and pans for your innovative recipes!

Sauté, grill and bake with the only cookware with the Thermo-spot heat indicator.

From durable cookware sets to T-fal’s thermo-spot heat indicator, our selection of non-stick pots and pans have just what you need to master the heat. T-fal, your traditional non stick cookware brand has also expanded to feature select amazing offers in Hard Anodized, Enameled Cast Iron & featured deals in Stainless Steel serving every cooking need in the kitchen.

What’s the secret behind great cooking? It’s all in the… timing.

Know when your pan is at the perfect temperature thanks to our Thermo-Spot Technology. When the Heat Indicator turns solid red, your pan is ready to sizzle.

Master the Heat with T-fal.

Our unique combination of durable non-sticks, proprietary Thermo-Spot heat indicator, and sturdy bases will have you mastering the heat. With little to no oil, easy release and scratch-resistant surfaces, you can cook confidently with T-fal.

We’ve got the cookware that’s right for you.

You always want to make sure you have the right cookware for your needs, application, and budget.

Non-Stick Range
Hassle-no-more. Our non-stick range makes cooking healthy and fast cleanup a breeze. Cook with less oil, clean with less water. That’s the T-fal way.
Stainless-Steel Range
Master the heat. Our stainless-steel range will have you achieving that perfect sear, every time. So go on – reach that perfect browning, lock in those juices, and cook like a pro with T-fal.

Your health is our priority.

For over 60 years, T-fal has constantly innovated to offer eco-friendly, safe and quality products to ensure your family’s healthy cooking habits are top of mind.

*Below detection thresholds - (1) certified by CEN, NSF International




Our Newest Innovations

Choose the set that meets your cooking needs

Ingenio Collection

Click, cook, stack with T-Fal’s Ingenio range. This range offers ultimate versatility from stove, onto the oven into the fridge. Save up to 50% in storage space.

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Platinum Collection

T-fal’s Unlimited range includes unique multilayer Platinum Coating Technology that is 10x more resistant, equivalent to 12 years of intensive usage* for all your everyday cooking needs without your cookware wearing out.

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Jamie Oliver Collection

Take cooking to the next level with the new Jamie Oliver by T-fal range. Designed by Jamie Oliver “From beautifully cooked salmon fillets to the perfect pancake, it will serve you well in the kitchen for many years to come.”

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You can prepare anything with the confidence that your T-Fal cookware is up to the task.

That's why we've been named the #1 cookware brand in the world.*
*Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Home and Garden 2021 edition, brand retail value RSP, 2020 data. T-Fal is the local name for the flobal brand Tefal.


Our Newest Innovations

Choose the set that meets your cooking needs

Cookware made for you

Get what you need to make what you love








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