T-fal Unlimited Platinum 12 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

T-fal’s Unlimited range is Canada’s longest-lasting non-stick
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  • Platinum Coating Technology: T-fal’s Unlimited range includes unique multilayer Platinum Coating Technology that is 10x more resistant, equivalent to 12 years of intensive usage** for all your everyday cooking needs without your cookware wearing out.
  • Canada’s Longest Lasting Non-Stick: Thanks to the Platinum Coating Technology, T-fal’s Unlimited range has outperformed all major non-stick competitors in external testing making it Canada’s longest-lasting non-stick* for all your demanding use in the kitchen.
  • T-fal’s Unique Thermo-Spot® Heat Indicator: No more inadequately browned meats or potatoes or salmon that aren’t crisp enough because you were cooking in a pan that wasn’t properly preheated. Thermo-Spot® indicates exactly when your pan has reached the perfect cooking temperature. When the Thermo-Spot® pattern disappears, your pan is perfectly preheated, and you may start cooking giving you perfect cooking every time – crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Thermo-Spot® technology will also help to prevent your pan from overheating, preserving the non-stick performance for a lifetime.
  • Superior Induction Technology: T-fal’s all new wide induction base provides better heat diffusion and faster heating of the pan that allows for uniform heating. The even heat distribution guarantees perfect browning for best cooking results and no burnt or undercooked food. T-fal’s Unlimited range is compatible with all cooktops including induction.
  • 100% Safe Coating: T-fal Platinum non-stick surface is the heart of easier and healthier. All T-fal cookware products come with 100% safe non-stick coating with 0% PFOA, 0% lead & 0% cadmium making it safe and healthy cookware for everyday use.
  • Easy Cleaning & Oven Safe: Cleaning your T-fal Platinum non-stick cookware is wonderfully easy: wash in warm soapy water using a cloth, sponge, or non-abrasive scouring pad, alternatively you can place it vertically in the dishwasher as its dishwasher safe making clean-up of your cookware super easy. T-fal Platinum non-stick is oven safe up to 500°F which makes it perfect for oven-baked stuffing, omelets, or butter tarts. With the proper care, you can anticipate many years of superior cooking performance and easy cleaning.
  • Ease of Use: Thanks to beautiful, ergonomic stainless steel riveted handles, T-fal Platinum non-stick cookware allows for quick and easy maneuvering around the stove perfect for weekend blueberry pancakes, stir fry, or the most appetizingly seared tuna, you will confidently reach for the T-fal Platinum cookware on a daily basis taking your cooking results to another level.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

T-fal’s Unlimited Range Is Canada’s Longest-Lasting Non-Stick

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Meat &





Tight fitting condensation lid locks in flavors and evenly re-distributes moisture for tender, delicious results
Experience the first ever Enameled Cast Iron by T-fal. This versatile and inspiring cookware features a unique condensation system in the lid to evenly redistribute moisture for delicious cooking results. Ideal for a variety of meals, from baking casseroles to slow-cooking stews and meats. The durable construction features thick cast iron core in between 3 layers of interior and exterior enamel coating for long lasting performance. Compatible with all cooktops, including Induction.



Platinum 5-layer coating is designed for tough usage and durability


Each piece is built with a sturdy, even heat base that prevents hot spots and allows you to cook on any stovetop, including induction


Thermo- spot turns solid red on reaching optimal cooking temperature

Intuitive Touchscreen:

Extremely easy to use, large digital panel makes set up as simple as 1,2,3!

Feed The Family!

11L Capacity perfect for family dinners, and get-togethers of up to 6 people. Meal prep healthy recipes for days in advance.

*Based on abrasion and non-stick external testing done vs top 10 branded non-stick aluminum competitor pans < average price of $49.99 (standard aluminum non-stick category only and excluding private labels and foodservice). 2020 Independent volume data.

**Based on 48,000 abrasion cycles. External Abrasion test based on internal protocols. Average consumer use 5 times per week