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You can prepare anything with the confidence that your T-fal cookware is up to the task.
That's why we've been named the #1 cookware brand in the world.*

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Home and Garden 2021 edition, brand retail value RSP, 2020 data. T-fal is the local name for the global brand Tefal.



Our Newest Cookware Innovations

Choose the set that meets your cooking needs

Platinum Collection

T-fal’s Unlimited range includes unique multilayer Platinum Coating Technology that is 10x more resistant, equivalent to 12 years of intensive usage* for all your everyday cooking needs without your cookware wearing out.

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Jamie Oliver Collection

Take cooking to the next level with the new Jamie Oliver by T-fal range. Designed by Jamie Oliver “From beautifully cooked salmon fillets to the perfect pancake, it will serve you well in the kitchen for many years to come.”

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Ingenio Collection

Click, cook, stack with T-fal’s Ingenio range. This range offers ultimate versatility from stove, onto the oven into the fridge. Save up to 50% in storage space.                                                                                                                  

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Cookware Made for You

Get what you need to make what you love

Aluminium Non-Stick

T-fal invented the FIRST non-stick pan that requires little to no oil. Voted “Most Trusted Brand” by Canadian consumers for the 2nd year in a row.

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Cast Iron 

Use with confidence to make soups, stews, braised meats or baked pastas. And display for a pop of colour in the kitchen when not in use.                                           

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Pressure Cookers

Make outstanding meat, veggies and desserts faster. Notice more flavour in everything. Great on weeknights for busy families.                                   

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Stainless Steel 

Feel like a pro in the kitchen no matter what you’re making. Achieve the perfect sear or browning. Lock in the juices of anything for a more satisfying first bite.

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