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the 1st connected grill by T-fal

Perfect grilling everytime with the T-fal OptiGrill®

The pleasure of meat grilled to perfection

Perfect grilling results from rare to well done

Regardless of the thickness or number of portions, food is always cooked to perfection
Exclusive technology automatic sensor cooking

Thanks to the cooking level indicator,
cooking time is adjusted to the size and thickness
of the meat. A beep lets you know when your meat
is grilled just the way you like it .


Discover OptiGrill Technology


Your OptiGrill is now revolutionary.
On top of the 6 existing OptiGrill programs,
download additional settings from your app.

Surprise your family and friends with
new recipes, updated regularly!
Enjoy a great variety of menus from
starters to desserts.

Discover the OptiGrill magazine
with many tips and culinary ideas.

Create custom profiles and
save your cooking preferences.
Place your custom profiles
on the cooking indicator.
Get your ideal cooking level.
Remotely follow the cooking process
to live the prefect grilling experience.

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Thanks to innovative OptiGrill technology, everyone can perfectly
grill their favorite recipes! The possibilities are endless...
Let yourself be enticed by our recipes!

Discover all the recipes

Perfect grilling at home for all



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