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Maximize the nutritional value in an endless number
of delicious recipes

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Easily cook healthy and nourishing meals at home with the click of a button!
NutriCook is the only cooker that uses a patented Nutri+ technology
that enhances taste and preserves the nutrients in your food!

Enjoy fun &
delicious recipes

With NutriCook you can make a
variety of delicious and healthy home cooked meals all in one pot.
Soups, vegetables, seafood or desserts... The possibilities are endless!

Find out how
NutriCook will change the way you cook

Do you wish you could prepare healthy and nutritious meals quickly and easily every day in the comfort of your own kitchen?

Grain cooking for protection against diseases

Preserve the Nutrients in Your Dishes
NutriCook uses an exclusive, patented technology called Nutri+ that adapts different preparation phases to the specific features of each food in order to preserve more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)

Grain cooking for environment

Healthy, Tasty and Easy.
Artificial intelligence cooking programs provide step-by-step instructions and portioning presets.

Grain cooking for protein & fat free

Easy, home-cooked, nutritious meals
With NutriCook, you can make delicious gourmet dishes right at home!

Grain cooking for affordable nutritious diet

From Savory to Sweet
150 tasty recipes: appetizers, mains and desserts. The NutriCook does it all!

Taste the recipes created
by chef regis marcon

Surprise everyone with 20 easy and original recipes developed by the 3-star Chef.

Risotto, salads, starters, soups and even desserts, you will have something to please everyone!

Regis Marcon
Ranked the 13rd Chef in France and the 31st Chef worldwide by « le Chef » magazine in 2016.
His restaurant is ranked the 3rd Best restaurant in France, and the 4th Best restaurant worldwide in 2017 by “”.


“With NutriCook, you can introduce as many flavors as possible to your cuisine while being mindful of a balanced and healthy diet”

Up to 24 programs to maximize the nutritional potential in all your dishes

More vitamin E
+50% Vitamin E
for white rice
More Vitamin B1 for Brown rice
+135% Vitamin B1
for brown rice
More iron and Vitamin B1
+50%Iron and +64%Vitamin B1
for lentils
Elimination of phytic acid for the beans
Elimination of phytic acid for the beans
Baby friendly texure
Babyfriendly texture

Ready to adopt
NutriCook in your life?

Explore the power of Nutri+ technology. Cook a vast variety of healthy meals and make a real difference in your family's daily life.


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Everyday at home
a better meal!

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Healthier and easier life with T-fal and NutriCook

Soaking certain types of grains is necessary to eliminate anti-nutrients they contain.