Linen Care

Confidence comes standard

Powerful steam performance, exclusive Soleplate technologies. Look and feel your best with our linen care assortment.



Smooth out your linen care routine. Powerfull steam performance and

exclusive Soleplate technology will make your wardrobe sparkle.


Linen Care

Experience the new high power UltraGlide Range



Active steam holes for maximum steam coverage
Soleplate made in France

High steam power
Steam power with 25% more output steam can be used on all types of fabrics.

Convenient vertical steam
Remove wrinkles without an ironing table.

Extra safety
Automatically reverts to standby mode when left unattended.



What is the benefit of steam ironing ?


A steam iron is the most convenient way to give your clothes a professionally pressed look and feel at home. Steam moistens clothing fibres and relaxes the fabric, making them easier to press.
Once fibres are relaxed you can effortlessly remove stubborn creases for quick and easy ironing! at home. Steam moistens clothing fibres and relaxes the fabric, making them easier to press.




Join the Fight Against Limescale

Limescale buildup can block steam release, making it harder to remove wrinkles.


Luckily T-fal irons have a
Removable Calc-Collector!

Remove creases easily by preventing limescale blockages in the steam chamber with the exclusive Removable Calc-Collector. Simply pull out the Cal-Collector to remove limescale in one go!

The Removable Calc-Collector also offers durable performance by preventing limescale buildup in the first place. Keep your ironing routine running smoothly, day after day.



The Scale of the Problem


Hard water
85% of homes in Canada have hard water. Why’s that a problem? 

Hard water creates this stuff = limescale (AKA calcium particles).

Limescale build-up
Over time limescale will build up inside your iron.  






What happens to your clothes when you iron?

By using a quality iron with a soleplate that diffuses hot steam evenly, it will loosen the bonds in the fibres of your clothes, then help you glide over them to straighten their shape. Having the soleplate at a temperature of 130-200°C will help dry the garment as it keeps its new, straighter, shape.  



Why do certain clothes need to be ironed at different temperatures?
The temperatures at which the bonds of the textiles loosen, differ. So your iron needs to be much hotter for cotton than it does for the wool, for example. Luckily T-fal iron’s include automatic regulation that controls steam output based on the selected temperature.


Synthetic or silk 100°

Cotton or linen 190° - 197.5°

Denim 200°+



Iron out the FAQs


Does iron temperature matter?

The higher the temperature, the faster your iron heats and creates smoothing steam.

Why spray?

Spraying fabrics like cotton helps to remove extra tough wrinkles by loosening fibres. 

How does steam, STEAM?

When water passes through the hot steam chamber it transforms into steam.