T-fal Pleasure

Cooking can be enjoyable!
  • Expert Pro non-stick coating is ready for metal utensils and intensive use.
  • Ultra durable shock-proof enamel exterior.
  • Open stock frypans are Made in France.

Find pleasure in cooking with these classic cookware pieces!

Cooking's a breeze with T-fal's Pleasure range. Patented Thermo-Spot technology guarantees the perfect temperature to start cooking, and T-fal's scratch resistant Optimal Base ensures quick and even heat distribution. Welded ergonomic Bakelite handles and glass lids add a contemporary touch to the classic design.


9-piece set features:

  • 24cm frypan
  • 14/20cm saucepans with lids
  • 24cm dutch oven with lid
  • 24cm chicken fryer with lid

Open stock frypans are also available in 20/26/30/32cm.










  • r-p-pleasure_B1.png

    Welded ergonomic Bakelite handles

  • r-p-pleasure_B2.png

    Even heat distribution

  • r-p-pleasure_B3.png

    Features Thermo-Spot technology for greater precision cooking results

  • pleasure optimal base picto.jpg

    Scratch resistant Optimal Base

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