All parts and accessories needed for FAMILY PRO 3L

Enjoy crispy chicken wings, tasty onion rings, delicious French fries and much more right at your own kitchen!

Make all your restaurant-style favorites right from your kitchen counter with the T-fal Family Pro deep fryer. Offering a generous 3-liter oil capacity and 1.2 kg of food capacity, the family-size fryer works great for anything from fried chicken and beer-battered fish to corn dogs, doughnuts, French fries, and more.
T-fal Family Pro 3L Deep Fryer features a Cool Zone Technology. Under the heating element, the temperature is significantly lower. Food crumbs that fall into this area will not get burnt and thus control the bad odour. This gives you beautiful fried food and longer lasting oil.

Reference : FR500051

4 accessories for FAMILY PRO 3L

  • Lid SS-996563
    Lid SS-996563

    With viewing window.

    19,40 CAD
    Price Observed
    In stock
  • Handle SS-996432
    Handle SS-996432


    2,90 CAD
    Price Observed
    In stock
  • Fries basket SS-995786
    Fries basket SS-995786

    For light fries every time.

    13,70 CAD
    Price Observed
    In stock
  • Cooking bowl SS-992337
    Cooking bowl SS-992337

    A 3L vessel for maximum quantities of chips. Say goodbye to repeated servings; from now on, serve only once!

    25,10 CAD
    Price Observed
    In stock
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