All parts and accessories needed for EZ Clean Pro Compact

A compact semi-pro deep fryer that automatically filters oil for you! 

T-fal EZ Clean Pro Compact Deep Fryer features a unique filtration system that automatically drains, cleans and stores oil in the integrated oil storage box for future use. This deep fryer helps you fry the healthy way! An advanced oil temperature heating system seals off food’s exterior, preventing excessive oil absorption. Your fried favorites are healthier and more nutritious! 
This fryer is efficient, too! The powerful 1200-watt heating element quickly warms to the selected oil temperature, giving you consistently crispy fried foods.

Reference : FR701650

5 accessories for EZ Clean Pro Compact

  • Lid SS-992549
    Lid SS-992549

    Limits smells and odors

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  • Oil container SS-992543
    Oil container SS-992543

    A unique oil filtration system

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  • Oil thank SS-992536
    Oil thank SS-992536

    Compatible with dishwasher

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  • Frying basket handle black SS-992535
    Frying basket handle black SS-992535

    Submerse your French fries 100% safely

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  • Frying basket SS-992548
    Frying basket SS-992548

    Drain your chips well before eating.

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