All parts and accessories needed for ActiFry Original 1kg

ActiFry is Canada's #1 low-oil fryer for healthy, delicious and easy meals! Now with removable timer on control panel for maximum convenience. You can serve up to 4 people with 1 kg capacity.

Discover Canada’s #1 low-oil fryer! ActiFry cooks food in less oil, without sacrificing flavour! You can still get that crispy, straight-out-the-fryer texture without all the extra fat and calories. The secret behind ActiFry is Dual Motion Technology: patented automatic stirring paddle that gently moves the ingredients for you, and the hot air technology that allows even heat distribution during the cooking cycle. The results are healthier and perfectly cooked meals for you and your family to enjoy!

Reference : FZ710050

10 accessories for ActiFry Original 1kg

  • Snacking grid XA701050
    Snacking grid XA701050

    Buy the snacking grid for your Actifry

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  • Mixing paddle + seal Actifry XA900302
    Mixing paddle + seal Actifry XA900302

    For even mixing of your chips, invest in this paddle.

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  • Removable timer SS-1530000327
    Removable timer SS-1530000327


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  • Complete lid SS-1530000675
    Complete lid SS-1530000675

    Check on the cooking

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  • Handle SS-1530000321
    Handle SS-1530000321

    For safe handling!

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  • Measuring spoon  SS-994055
    Measuring spoon SS-994055

    The perfect amount of oil for the Actifry®

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  • Bowl SS-993114
    Bowl SS-993114

    With this you can make all sorts of healthy recipes or chips.

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  • Filter SS-991268
    Filter SS-991268

    To filter your cooking oil, use this grille.

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  • SS-1530000320

    This reference is replaced by SS-1530000675

  • Mixing paddle + seal  SS-990596
    Mixing paddle + seal SS-990596

    This reference is replaced by XA900302

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