All parts and accessories needed for ActiFry Original 1kg

ActiFry is Canada's #1 low-oil fryer, offering you a hassle-free way to cook your favourite foods. With an easy to use control panel, you can serve up for 4 people with 1 kg capacity.  

Using only one spoonful of oil, you can ActiFry your favourite fried foods to perfection! With exclusive Dual Motion Technology, this fryer delivers hassle-free cooking. No manual stirring or shaking required! ActiFry is easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe parts. 

Reference : FZ712050

9 accessories for ActiFry Original 1kg

  • Snacking grid XA701050
    Snacking grid XA701050

    Buy the snacking grid for your Actifry

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  • Mixing paddle + seal Actifry XA900302
    Mixing paddle + seal Actifry XA900302

    For even mixing of your chips, invest in this paddle.

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    In stock
  • Complete lid SS-1530000675
    Complete lid SS-1530000675

    Check on the cooking

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  • Handle SS-1530000321
    Handle SS-1530000321

    For safe handling!

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  • Measuring spoon  SS-994055
    Measuring spoon SS-994055

    The perfect amount of oil for the Actifry®

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  • Bowl SS-993114
    Bowl SS-993114

    With this you can make all sorts of healthy recipes or chips.

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  • Filter SS-991268
    Filter SS-991268

    To filter your cooking oil, use this grille.

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  • SS-1530000320

    This reference is replaced by SS-1530000675

  • Mixing paddle + seal  SS-990596
    Mixing paddle + seal SS-990596

    This reference is replaced by XA900302

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