All parts and accessories needed for ActiFry 2in1

Try ActiFry for healthy and flavourful fried foods – and with 2in1, cook a complete meal in one go!

Now Canada’s #1 low-oil fryer can cook two dishes at once, still with only one spoonful of your favourite oil. Cook up to 1.5 kg of hot and crispy fries in the pan, while the tray above uses the same Dual Motion Technology to serve up a sizzling chicken fried steak. Save time and energy – the ActiFry 2in1 is a revolution in the kitchen!

Reference : YV960151

8 accessories for ActiFry 2in1

  • Handle for the upper bowl SS-993535
    Handle for the upper bowl SS-993535


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  • Transparent lid SS-993211
    Transparent lid SS-993211

    Always keep an eye on your chips during cooking with this transparent lid.

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  • Cooking tray SS-993214
    Cooking tray SS-993214

    A grill tray for your Actifry fryer

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  • Filter SS-992271
    Filter SS-992271

    A practical grille for separating small foods.

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  • Lid handle SS-993210
    Lid handle SS-993210

    An indispensable handle for closing your fryer lid.

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  • Spoon SS-993213
    Spoon SS-993213

    A spoon for adding the right amount of oil during the preparation of your chips.

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  • Anti-stick basket SS-993215
    Anti-stick basket SS-993215

    For perfect mixing of your chips, you will need this mixing paddle.

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  • Handle SS-993219
    Handle SS-993219

    Hold the fryer basket safely

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