All parts and accessories needed for Clipso 6L

Designed for optimal performance and safety

It’s time to make the switch from your regular stock pot to the Clipso 6L pressure cooker. The innovative design cooks food twice as fast, preserves more nutrients, and it’s easy to use – you can even open the lid with one hand!

Reference : P4500732

7 accessories for Clipso 6L

  • Perforated rigid basket 792185
    Perforated rigid basket 792185

    A rigid steaming basket to hold all your food.

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  • Gasket X9010501
    Gasket X9010501

    For Clipso - 6L diam. 220mm

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  • Steam basket with holder SS-7122014588
    Steam basket with holder SS-7122014588

    Perfect for gentle cooking

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  • Seal diameter 220 mm SS-7122010468
    Seal diameter 220 mm SS-7122010468

    It must be changed once a year!

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  • Steam basket holder SS-790374
    Steam basket holder SS-790374

    For use with the steam basket

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  • Handle black SS-981255
    Handle black SS-981255

    High temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

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