Accessories and spare parts for Ultimate EZ Clean Pro T-fal

Speedy, efficient and healthy frying with this semi-pro deep fryer!

Save time and money with the T-fal Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer! Featuring a unique oil filtration system, this fryer automatically drains, filters and stores oil for future use.
Healthy and efficient, it also has an advanced oil temperature heating system that provides the ideal frying temperature for healthier frying. With this system, the exterior of food is sealed off, preventing excessive oil absorption. The 1700-watt heating element maintains a stable temperature, so you always have crispy fried foods!


Reference : FR800051

6 accessories for Ultimate EZ Clean Pro

  • Oil tank plug SS-994779
    Oil tank plug SS-994779

    Protect your oil against dust

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  • Oil tank lid SS-994781
    Oil tank lid SS-994781

    Airtight seal

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  • Oil container SS-994782
    Oil container SS-994782

    Keep your oil always clean

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  • Frying basket SS-994739
    Frying basket SS-994739

    Drain your chips well before eating.

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  • Frying basket handle SS-994740
    Frying basket handle SS-994740

    Prepare French fries 100% safely

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  • Oil tank SS-994742
    Oil tank SS-994742

    Perfect for a large family

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