All parts and accessories needed for Filtra One Deep Fryer

Filter oil in one easy step with Filtra One Deep Fryer’s patented oil filtering mesh!

Cook multiple meals with one batch of oil, thanks to Filtra One Deep Fryer’s exclusive oil filtration technology! The patented filtering mesh cleans the oil, so you can fry again and again!  Compact and efficient, with a high-gloss white exterior to add class and style to your kitchen.

Reference : FF165151

4 accessories for Filtra One Deep Fryer

  • Oil filter SS-993386
    Oil filter SS-993386

    Purify your oil with this filter and sieve.

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  • Seal cover SS-991462
    Seal cover SS-991462

    A hermetically sealed fryer

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  • Frying basket SS-991463
    Frying basket SS-991463

    Drain your chips well before eating.

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  • Frying basket handle SS-993370
    Frying basket handle SS-993370

    The handle makes it possible for you to handle the basket absolutely safely!

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