Steam irons

Reference items

  • Ultraglide Pro
    Ultraglide Pro

    Count on Ultraglide for a smooth glide and continuous steam

  • Aquaspeed Autoclean
    Aquaspeed Autoclean

    Efficient performance for precise ironing you’ll be proud to show off  

  • Ultraglide Pro
    Ultraglide Pro

    The fastest and easiest glide*  

  • Optiglide

    Optiglide: the full package for easy ironing  

  • FastGlide

    The fastest glide* for the smoothest ironing

  • Ultraglide

    Ultra powerful, ultra-fast glide  

  • Ultraglide

    See why T-fal technology is #1*  

  • Access Protect
    Access Protect

    Safe for all fabrics – no need to pick a setting, no worry of burning  

  • Aquaspeed Durilium
    Aquaspeed Durilium

    Superior glide for ultra-efficient crease removal