T-FAL Express Steam Station

Express Steam Station Professional results are just a button-push away. With the Express Steam Station, you’ll never settle for anything less again.  
  • * For huge steaming projects like large loads of laundry, the extra-large visible water reservoir allows up to 1.5 hours of continuous steaming without a refill. That’s up to 3 times more steam than a regular iron.
    * Perfect steam penetration into fabric fibres means fast, effortless results.
    * Lightening-fast heat-up: ready to use in just two minutes!
    * World exclusive anti-calc collector ensures long-lasting performance and boosts product life.


Ironing has never been this easy!

The Express Stream Station merges stunning steaming capacity and pressure with unlimited user control. Outfitted with an exclusive gilde-optimized soleplate and permanent refill capability, it’s the ultimate solution for larger steaming projects. The constant powerful vertical steaming option eliminates stubborn wrinkles from garments, curtains, table clothes, sheets, drapes, slip covers and much more. The control panel is readable and clear, while the Easy-Lock system simplifies storage and transportation. Bonus: tap the Eco Energy setting to save 20% energy. Done and done!  

  • Cut your ironing time up to 3 times

    High pressure steam & long lasting performances

  • Made In France 

    Your product is equipped with the best-in-class scale collector, for very easy descaling and long lasting performances.

  • Patented Anti calc collector for long lasting performance(World exclusivity) increases the lifetime of the steam station

    Patented lock system for easy & safe single-handed transportation.

  • With the extra-large and visible water reservoir (1.7L capacity ) you can iron for up to 1.5 hour without having to refill. Ideal for ironing large loads of laundry at once.

    Ready in only 2 minutes thanks to the fast heat-up technology.

  • Exclusive Durilium soleplate with active lines, provides superior glide ability.

    Ultragliss soleplate, for durable performances and exceptionnal glide.

  • Eco Energy setting to save 20% energy. Done and done!

    Reduce by 20% your enegy expenses and optimize water consumption thanks to the built-in eco mode.

  • For ultimate convenience and optimal design, the search ends here.

    Easily refill the large water tank at any time during the ironing session thanks to the permanent refill technology.

Power 2200  W
Steam output 120  g/min
High pressure boiler    
Steam pressure 5  bar
Vertical Steam    
Heat up time 02  min
Soleplate Technology Ultragliss Durilium  
Glideability of soleplate *****  
Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance *****  
Continuous steam diffusion Tip, side and heart  
Comfort Handle    
Stable rest hill    
Water tank capacity 1,7  L
Water tank Fix  
Empty tank detector    
Continuous refilling    
Anti-drip No  
Eco Mode    
Power cord length 1,8  m
Cord Storage Power cord  
Anti scale function Rinsing system  
Scale alert    
Colours Blue  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
These functions means that your steam generator is fitted with an electronic regulation which offers you the perfect temperature and steam combination allowing you to iron all your ironable fabrics without risk and without having to sort them.
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