Pressure Cooker


So Fast, So Delicious, So Easy! 


Enjoy any kind of meal, and cook everything from vegetables to meat and fish or even scrumptious desserts. All T-fal pressure cookers feature a 5-point security system for safe opening, closing and pressure control release. 


Explore our range of pressure cookers to find which one is right for you! 

Reference items

  • Clipso 6L
    Clipso 6L

    Designed for optimal performance and safety

  • Secure Aluminum
    Secure Aluminum

    Trust T-fal for controlled steam release

  • Mirro (4 sizes)
    Mirro (4 sizes)

    An all-time reliable favourite

  • Clipso Essential 9L
    Clipso Essential 9L

    Opening & closing in 1 simple click

  • Secure 5 NEO
    Secure 5 NEO

    Designed for optimal performance and safety