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Because quality begins with good value materials, T-fal’s cookware range has been created to give you the best cooking results. That’s why T-fal has been named the #1 cookware brand in the world. Fish, meat, veggies, sauce…Whatever the meal you want to cook, there is T-fal cookware adapted to your needs.

Reference items

Non-stick cookware

  • Matisse

    Inspired by French design, the Matisse range is classic and elegant

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  • Start up
    Start up

    Starter essentials for cooking

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  • Blue Air Grip
    Blue Air Grip

    Contemporary cookware for your modern kitchen

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  • Stainless steel

  • Inspire Techno Release
    Inspire Techno Release

    Easy release and easy to clean

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  • Techno Release Performa Pro
    Techno Release Performa Pro

    Easy release and easy to clean

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  • Simply Cook Stainless Steel
    Simply Cook Stainless Steel

    The beauty and durability of stainless steel with the convenience of non-stick

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  • Titanium

  • Hard Titanium
    Hard Titanium

    Incredibly durable and long lasting cookware

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  • Extreme Titanium
    Extreme Titanium

    T-fal’s best non-stick cookware

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  • Ceramic

  • Precision

    A perfect harmony of healthy and durable

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  • Inspirations Ceramic
    Inspirations Ceramic

    The perfect addition to your kitchen

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  • Specialty

  • Mosaic Wok
    Mosaic Wok

    Stir fry, sauté, steam and more!

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  • Mosaic Tawa
    Mosaic Tawa

    Master the art of ethnic cooking

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  • Mosaic Karahi
    Mosaic Karahi

    Specialized cookware for ethnic meals

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  • Cast Aluminum

  • Cast Aluminum
    Cast Aluminum

    Cast iron properties like durability and superior heat diffusion without the weight.

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  • Cast Iron

  • Cast Iron
    Cast Iron

    Built for a lifetime of use

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