T-fal Mosaic Karahi

Mosaic Karahi Specialized cookware for ethnic meals
  • Circular design with flat base makes it ideal for cooking traditional ethnic cuisine
  • Patented Thermo-Spot technology lets you know when your Karahi is ready to start cooking
  • Long lasting, scratch-resistant non-stick coating

Mosaic, perfect for ethnic cooking!

T-fal's Mosaic range provides an assortment of cookware ideal for ethnic cuisine. The Mosaic Karahi features deep sides that help retain heat, perfect for simmering delicious stews and deep frying snacks and sweets. Tempered glass lids allow you to monitor the cooking progress. Bakelite loop handles are easy to grip. Resist Plus non-stick coating .


The Karahi comes in a 26cm size.




  • B1_mosaic_karahi.png

    Features Thermo-Spot technology for greater precision cooking results

  • B2_mosaic_karahi.png

    T-fal’s unique resist coating offers enhanced scratch resistance and a distinguishing décor

  • B3_mosaic_karahi.png

    Glass lid lets you monitor your cooking progress

  • B4_mosaic_karahi.png

    Bakelite riveted side handles stay cool and are comfortable to grip

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