Low-Oil Fryers


Discover the healthy way to fry with ActiFry


ActiFry cooks food with less oil giving it that crispy, straight-out-the-fryer texture without all the fat and calories. The secret behind the ActiFry is the patented Automatic Stirring Paddle that gently stirs the ingredients for you, and the Hot Air Technology that allows even heat distribution during the cooking cycle. The result is healthier and perfectly cooked meals for you and your family to enjoy! From crispy French fries and chicken wings to risottos, seafood, stir-frys… Actifry is much more than a simple airfryer!


Explore our range of ActiFry models to find the perfect match for you. 

Reference items


  • Actifry Plus Black 1.2 kg
    Actifry Plus Black 1.2 kg

    Actifry Plus accommodates a family of up to 5 people. Elegant black gourmet colour.

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  • Actifry Express
    Actifry Express

    NEW Actifry Express: T-fal’s redesigned, fastest* and most technologically advanced Actifry model yet (up to 4 people capacity).

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  • Actifry Original White 1 kg
    Actifry Original White 1 kg

    Actifry Original features a 60-minute timer on control panel and the 1kg capacity can cook for up to 4 people.

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  • Fry Delight

  • Fry Delight
    Fry Delight

    Crispy and tasty fried food with little to no oil*

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