Deep Fryers


Crispy and delicious results everytime!


T-fal offers a wide range of deep-fryers, from traditional models up to more professional models. Most fryers feature patented filtration systems to keep your oil always clean for healthier meals.With Filtra fryers, enjoy healthy frying thanks to T-fal's innovative oil filtering systems. Each time you cook, it's convenient and delicious.


Explore our range of Deep Fryer models to find the perfect match for you. 

Reference items

  • Ultimate EZ Clean
    Ultimate EZ Clean

    This semi-pro deep fryer automatically filters and stores oil for you!

  • Uno Compact Stainless Steel
    Uno Compact Stainless Steel

    Fry 1 kg of food with the T-fal Compact Deep Fryer, now in modern stainless steel!

  • Ultimate EZ Clean Pro
    Ultimate EZ Clean Pro

    Speedy, efficient and healthy frying with this semi-pro deep fryer!

  • Filtra One Deep Fryer
    Filtra One Deep Fryer

    Filter oil in one easy step with Filtra One Deep Fryer’s patented oil filtering mesh!

  • Filtra Pro Deep Fryer
    Filtra Pro Deep Fryer

    A semi-pro deep fryer with patented filtering mesh that cleans oil in one step 

  • EZ Clean Pro Compact
    EZ Clean Pro Compact

    A compact semi-pro deep fryer that automatically filters oil for you!