The future of grilling is here!


There’s nothing like a hot meal right off the grill. Even if you’ve never grilled before, you can become a pro in no time with the T-fal OptiGrill. For perfect grilling results every time just place it on your kitchen counter, add your favourite food, and wait for it to cook to your preference thanks to the Cooking Level Indicator. It allows you to follow the cooking process so you can see exactly what cooking stage your food is at and customize how your food is cooked.

Explore our range of Optigrill models to find the perfect match for you. 

Reference items

  • Optigrill

    An electric grill with Precision Grilling Technology allowing you to cook food to perfection!

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  • Optigrill +
    Optigrill +

    T-fal's traditional Optigrill, now with 4 additional manual cooking settings.

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    Perfect grilling results with XL grilling surface

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  • OptiGrill Smart
    OptiGrill Smart

    The OptiGrill just got Smarter

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