Health and the Environment:
Important to you, important to T-fal


Building on its record of environmental responsibility, Groupe SEB has taken another step forward with the signing of the Global Compact. This United Nations International Initiative is based on 10 principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. The voluntary compact holds three main principles concerning the environment:

1. Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
2. Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
3. Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

These three principles are grounded in the idea that the "policies and operations of business and industry can play a major role in reducing impacts on resource use and the environment. In particular, business can contribute through the promotion of cleaner production and responsible entrepreneurship1."

The Global Compact is a continuation of T-fal's history of providing responsibly manufactured goods. T-fal products are produced with the highest manufacturing standards, and now cookware made in France, includes labeling that clearly communicates to consumers its commitment to sustainable development.

The new health and environment emphasis is designed to remind consumers that all T-fal cookware, made in France, is and will continue to be recyclable, PFOA, lead, and cadmium free, regardless of price point. This new labeling will be seen in stores beginning June 2009.

As part of the commitment to environmental responsibility, all T-fal coatings are recyclable.

PFOA free
All cookware is PFOA (perfluoro-octanoïc acid) free. Multiple laboratories have tested T-fal non-stick cookware and found the product to be free of PFOA.

PFOA is used in the manufacturing of all non-stick cookware but gets burned off entirely during the curing process, leaving no trace on the finished product.

Lead free
Lead is a metal that can cause neurological damage as well as various blood disorders. For this reason all T-fal coatings and enamels are lead free.

Cadmium free
All T-fal cookware, produced in France is 100% cadmium free. The inhalation of cadmium fumes can result in pneumo-difficulties. This soft metal is used in some colouring processes, metal plating, and the manufacturing of various synthetics, but never included in the production of T-fal cookware.

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