T-FAL Avante

Avante A powerful kettle for optimal results.

Advanced boiling technology gets the job done fast, so you can get straight to enjoying your warm treat.

Boil water in an instant!

More than just good looks (though the brushed stainless steel finish ticks that box too), the Avante boasts all the best in the latest kettle technology. Outfitted with double viewing windows and a sleek 360-degree base, the Avante blends power with utility. There’s just one thing it doesn’t have: a cord. Welcome to the next generation of luxury kitchen basics.

  • 1500 watts of power ensures a speedy boiling process every time.
  • Auto-off function, boil dry protection and an easy-pour spout keep things super handler-friendly.
  • Removable lime scale filter minimizes build up and maximizes great taste.
  • High-end finish that looks great in any kitchen.




  • A powerful kettle for optimal results.

  • 1.7L Capacity

    For fast boiling and convenient cleaning of the jug interior

  • Double viewing windows.

    Ideal for those precious moments with your family and friends

  • Removable anti-scale filter.

    Filter out particles that may build up in the kettle.

  • 360° base with concealed element reduces scaling build-up.

  • Hinged locking lid for easy fill-up.

  • On/off indicator light located on top of the handle.

  •  Removable anti-scale filter

    To keep both your kettle and your water clean

  •  360° rotational base

     Cordless for ease of use and your kettle stays firmly in place

  • Assisted lid opening

     With large opening, for easy filling and cleaning

  • Water level

     Two large water level windows, one on each side. A smart way to help you keep track of the water level

  •  On/off switch

     Automatic On/off switch with indicator light

Power 1500  W
Body material Stainless Steel  
Water level indicator    
Lid Assisted opening  
360 degree rotational base    
Capacity 1,7  L
Heating element Concealed  
Cord Storage    
Spout filling    
On/Off Switch    
Indicator light    
Limescale Filter Removable  
Automatic stop    
Colours Stainless steel  

Frequent questions
Check whether the lid of your kettle is closing properly.
If it is the case, please take your kettle to an authorised repairer.
• Do not use the kettle with wet hands or if you have bare feet.
• Do not leave the power cord hanging over the edge of a table or work surface to avoid any risk of the kettle falling.
• Always be aware while the appliance is operating, paying special attention to the steam coming out of the spout, which is very hot.
• Also pay attention to the fact that the body of a stainless steel kettle becomes very hot during operation. Do not touch the kettle other than by the handle.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
• If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service or a similarly qualified person to avoid any danger.
Yes: never rub the heating element with a cloth or any abrasive material. Descaling is quite enough to clean it.
The filter is made up of a grid that retains the particles of tartar. It is important to clean it regularly by brushing it or soaking it in a container with a descaling solution. (diluted vinegar or citric acid)
Simply wipe the outside with a clean cloth (with a drop of vinegar if necessary). Never use abrasive products, scouring powder, detergents or other maintenance products because they may discolour the plastic. Take care never to put the kettle, power lead, plug or electrical base in water!
Descale regularly, preferably at least once a month and more often if you live in a very hard water area.
To descale your kettle:
• Use commercial 8° white vinegar:
- Fill the kettle with 1/2 l of vinegar,
- Leave it to act for 1 hour without heating.
• Citric acid:
- Boil 1/2 litre water,
- Add 25 g citric acid and leave to act for 15 min.
• A specific descaling product for plastic kettles: follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Empty your kettle and rinse it 5 or 6 times.
Start again if necessary.

To descale your filter (depending on model):
• Soak the filter in white vinegar or diluted citric acid.
• Never use descaling method other than the recommended one.
In some regions where the water contains high levels of iron, the natural lime deposit inside your kettle may take on a brown or black colour.
During use:
Follow the instructions in the user manual: keep to the filling level and only fill with water
After use:
Always empty the excess water from your kettle
Descale regularly, at least once a month and more often if you live in a hard water area
Generally caused by scale build-up inside: read the instruction leaflet carefully on how to descale your kettle (depending on model).
Alternatively, the kettle may have accidentally been used without water or with insufficient water (an element must always be covered by water), causing the safety cut-off device to operate. Reset in the following way:
Wait 5 minutes for the kettle to cool and then refill with water.
Push the on/off switch and after about 15 minutes the kettle will automatically reset itself and start to boil.
Do not place the kettle near a window as the plastic parts can be discoloured by sunlight.
The 360 degree base must rotate freely.
This can be due to the high efficiency element design which heat the water.
You may have overfilled the kettle causing water to either leak down the outsides of the kettle when boiling or water to get into the internal steam vent which means water will appear at the base of the kettle on the work surface. Only ever fill your kettle up to the Maximum mark. Also the condensation on the lid may have dripped down on to the work surface.
This usually happens when the kettle is new; pour away the water from the first few uses. If the problem persists, fill the kettle to its maximum level and add 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. Boil the kettle, pour away the water and rinse the kettle.
This phenomenon is normal in hard water regions. It is caused by the calcium and magnesium carbonate present in the water.
Tip: regular descaling will be necessary.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
Where can I buy accessories, consumables or spare parts for my appliance?
What are the warranty conditions of my appliance?